Naturopathic Doctor in Edmonton | Dr. Muradov - Naturopath Edmonton 

 Edmonton NaturopathI oversee TruMed Naturopathic clinic.

We are dedicated to providing Edmonton advanced naturopathic and alternative medicine treatments.

Yours in health,

Dr. Eric Muradov ND
 Naturopath Edmonton


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Conditions we treat

At our clinic, we treat a wide range of concerns.

Our focus: Digestive Concerns, FatigueHormone Concerns, Skin & Mood issues & Cancer

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What to expect

We often run hormone, thyroid and food allergy testing to find out where your concerns originate; then we'll give you a treatment plan using only the best available natural medicines. 

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Contact Us

Our Naturopathic Clinic is located in West Edmonton Connect with us anytime:

780 757 8378   |

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