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Edmonton Naturopath

My Clinic and I are dedicated to providing Edmonton the absolute best in natural, holistic and alternative medicine treatments & services.

My aim is to be the best Naturopath I can be.

As your Edmonton Naturopath, I will carefully review your health history and provide comprehensive, naturopathic treatments to restore balance back to your body.

Together we'll take control of your health,
so you can live well, naturally.

Yours in health,

Dr. Eric Muradov: Edmonton Naturopath

Dr. Eric Muradov ND - Edmonton Naturopathic Doctor

Services our clinic provides & Conditions we see 

As a naturopath, Dr. Muradov uses natural services, such as herbs & vitamins, to treat a range of concerns such as bloating, fatigue, PMS, depression, eczema and  many more

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What to expect when seeing Dr Muradov 

At our Clinic first visits are one hour. This allows Dr.Muradov to best review your health history, so we can create a Naturopathic treatment plan unique for you.

Naturopathic Doctor in Edmonton | Dr Muradov ND

More about Naturopath Dr Eric Muradov

Dr. Muradov's training as a Naturopathic Doctor includes  standard western medicine mixed with natural treatments such as herbs, acupuncture & vitamin therapies.

Naturopathic Clinic Edmonton | Dr. Eric Muradov ND