IVtherapy and Services

More about our Edmonton Naturopathic Clinic 


Conditions We Commonly Treat

We often treat the following: 

Fatigue / Tiredness
(the most common condition seen)
Skin Conditions
(acne, eczema, etc)
Women's Health
(menopause,PMS, PCOS)
Digestive Disorders
(gas, bloating, pain)
Hormone imbalances Food Allergy Anxiety & Depression Multiple Sclerosis
Cancer Adrenal Concerns Thyroid Concerns
Headaches & Migraines IBD (Crohn's & UC) Men's Health Autoimmune conditions
Allergies & Asthma Insomnia And many more

Our Clinic Services

Clinic emphasis: Vitamins, herbs, natural supplements & holistic nutrition
Other therapies used: Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy, Food Allergy Testing, Hormone Testing 

Food Allergy & Intolerance Testing


Our clinic offers Edmonton food allergy testing with full clinical support 

Call us today to book your food allergy test appointment

Food allergy test SAMPLE REPORT (100 foods)

Click here to visit our Food Allergy Testing Page 

You have the option of booking an entire hour with Dr Muradov, and combining Allergy Testing with a full 1 hour consultation, to address non-allergy related issues.

Naturopath Edmonton West | Food Allergy Testing  

IV Vitamin Therapy

Dr Muradov has a special interest in IV vitamin therapy. 

IV vitamins are most commonly used for: Fatigue, Low mood, Cancer and Immune boosting. 

We offer IV therapies such as the Myers Cocktail, IV Vitamin C and IV Glutathione injections alongside many others. 

Please visit our IV therapy page for more information. 

At our clinic we have seen excellent results treating Fatigue and improving Energy and Mood with IV vitamins.

IV Injections Edmonton