Naturopath in Edmonton 

We often effectively improve mood: anxiety & depression

Testing we use to improve mood:

Hormone Testing

Vitamin & Mineral Testing 

Neurotransmitter testing

We treat mood issues with:




IV therapy

Bioidentical hormones*

Many of our treatments can work alongside medications

Hormone Balancing

We use blood and salivary testing to get to the root of mood concerns. 

We often begin with Natural treatments (herbs and supplements) to balance mood

HORMONE PANEL Sample Report 


IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamins

IV Vitamins can rapidly improve mood

IV vitamins are most commonly used for: Fatigue, Low mood, Cancer and Immune boosting. 

We offer a large range of IV Therapies and various formulations for Mood.

Visit our IV therapy page 

At our clinic we have seen excellent results treating Fatigue and improving Energy and Mood with IV vitamins.