Alternative Cancer & MS Care in Edmonton

Dr Muradov has a special focus in Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis

Advanced Cancer Therapies

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Our clinic supports patients:

 During Chemotherapy and Radiation  After standard treatments have ended

During chemotherapy and radiation we aim to improve your treatments while lessening side effects

IV therapy

Our clinic has a special interest in IV therapies

Dr Muradov will discuss which IV therapies can be used in your case.  

IV vitamin C, Artemesinin, and Mistletoe are therapies we work with. 

We may suggests Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)* and other off-label medications like Metformin*

*Dr Muradov does not prescribe these therapies directly, but we make them availble through referrals to collaborative prescribers.


 Dr. Muradov has a high level of expertise in Multiple Sclerosis care. 

We assess and consider a wide range of areas and intermix standard and natural therapies: 
Immune triggers: food allergy, metal toxicity, gut flora & chronic infections (viral, bacterial and fungal)
Inflammation management: oral, IV and pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory strategies 
Dietary augmentation: Allergen avoidance, Swank, Candida, Paleo, Wahls and Ketogenic dietary strategies. 
Neuroprotective strategies: Neuronal and mitochondria support for long term neurodegeneration prevention  
Symptom relief: energy, mood, digestive and mobility support through natural and hormonal interventions 

Each person is assessed on a case by case basis to understand where support is needed


Advanced Cancer Therapies

Advanced Cancer Therapies

- IV Vitamin C "IVC" 

-  Artemesinin & Mistletoe

- IV Alpha Lipoic Acid "ALA"

- IV Curcumin

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