Alternative Cancer Treatments in Edmonton 

Integrative Cancer Care

Although our clinic sees a wide range of conditions, we are proud to offer advanced Naturopathic approaches to cancer therapy. Please visit our cancer treatment website:

Our clinic supports patients:

Prior to biopsy or surgery  During Chemotherapy and Radiation  After standard treatments have ended

All Cancer Protocols are carefully researched to NOT interact adversely with standard therapies such as Chemotherapy and Radiation. 

Treatments prescribed often target the cancer directly, improve immune function and lessen side effects of standard therapies. 

Dr Muradov will discuss which IV therapies can be used in your case.  

IV vitamin C,  Artemesinin, and Mistletoe we work with commonly. 

Holistic & Natural Cancer Care Clinic 

- Patients are welcome at any stage of their cancer journey.

- We can provide complementary support alongside conventional treatments and we offer treatments to prevent cancer recurrence.

- We use natural, non-toxic therapies and we work with diet, herbs, vitamins and various injectable therapies to provide Edmonton a comprehensive approach to Alternative Cancer Care. 

- Our clinic often sees patients that have no further standard options available and offer various therapies to ensure the best possible quality of life and life extension.

- We encourage open communication and collaboration with allied health professionals, conventional oncologists and surgeons.

- Please visit our Cancer Treatment Website:

Alternative Cancer Treatments Edmonton | IVC and DCA Edmonton

Advanced Cancer Therapies

Our open collaboration with other health care practitioners allows us to suggest use of therapies such as:

LDN (low dose Naltrexone)*

-  *Dr Muradov does not prescribe these therapies directly, but we make them availble through relationships with prescribers.

We work with Artemesinin with Vitamin C, which has shown benefit in Clinical Trials for Breast, Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer and Melanoma. 

IV vitamin C Edmonton