Integrative MS treatment and care in Edmonton 

Multiple Sclerosis


 Dr. Muradov has a high level of expertise in Multiple Sclerosis care. 

We assess and consider a wide range of areas and intermix standard and natural therapies: 
Immune triggers: food allergy, metal toxicity, gut flora & chronic infections (viral, bacterial and fungal)
Inflammation management: oral, IV and pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory strategies 
Dietary augmentation: Allergen avoidance, Swank, Candida, Paleo, Wahls and Ketogenic dietary strategies. 
Neuroprotective strategies: Neuronal and mitochondria support for long term neurodegeneration prevention  
Symptom relief: energy, mood, digestive and mobility support through natural and hormonal interventions 


Dr Muradov has been published on his work with Multiple Sclerosis.


MS is a difficult to treat disease however Dr Muradov has a high level of knowledge in all areas of MS care and will construct a specific plan to approach your MS in a comprehensive and integrative manner. 

By considering as many areas as possible we can help MS patients at all stages of their MS journey and diseases of different intensity. 

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Alternative MS care in Edmonton