MSCs and MS 

 MSCs and MS

The most compelling MSC trial that I have read is a 2010 Israeli study (Karussis et al) fifteen patients with MS (EDSS 6.7) and 19 with ALS were enrolled and given intrathecal bone marrow derived MSCs. 14 Fourteen patients (5 with MS and 9 with ALS) also received intravenous MSCs. The type of MS was not specified beyond "intractable MS," that is, unresponsive to previous treatments. MS patients were given 63 million cells intrathecally and 25 million intravenously. 

In patients with MS, the mean EDSS score declined gradually from 6.7 before the treatment to 6.1 at 1 month, 5.9 at 3 and 6 months after MSC injection.

More specifically, at the end of the 6 months of follow-up:

EDSS reduced by: 0.5 in 5 patients, 1.0 in 1 patient,  1.5 in 3 patients, 2 degrees in 1, and 2.5 degrees in 1

EDSS score remained unchanged in 4 patients (can be considered stabilization)

No adverse effects were seen up to 25 months of observation. 

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