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One of the most common Cancer treatments we administer is IV Vitamin C or "IVC"

IVC has a broad-spectrum of activity against many cancers with evidence in Breast, Pancreatic, Lymphoma, Kidney, Bladder and Ovarian cancer amongst others.

IV Vitamin C can be used:

Prior to biopsy or surgery  During Chemotherapy  After standard treatments have ended

Vitamin C administered intravenously ceases to act as an anti-oxidant.  The action is thought to be pro-oxidant with cancer cell death mediated by hydrogen peroxide production.

Dr Muradov will discuss which IV therapies can be used in your case. IVC compatability with chemotherapy  needs to be determined on a case by case basis

Dr Muradov will also discuss other Naturopathic cancer therapies that are applicable in your cancer. These often include supplements and other IV therapies that can be used alongside IVC.

More about IVC

- Some of the early data using IV Vitamin C suggested that it could double survival times (or more) in terminal cancer patients (the original Pauling data)

- Case reports in: Bladder, Kidney, Lymphoma, Liver and Ovarian Cancer show benefit.

- A 2015 journal article outlined 9 cases of IVC use, four Breast Cancer cases suggested survival beyond prognosis, improvement in quality of life, and even one complete remission

- A 2007 study indicated that IVC in 39 terminal cancer patients produced significantly lower scores for fatigue, nausea/vomiting, pain, and appetite loss after administration of IV vitamin C

- IV Vitamin C in combination with chemotherapy has shown benefit in Pancreatic Cancer and GBM (a brain cancer) in two trials, as well as numerous case reports in other Cancers. 

- Please visit our Cancer Treatment Website: EICT.ca

IV Vitamin C FAQ

How does IV Vitamin C work?

High dose IV Vitamin C is thought to behave dramatically differently from orally administered Vitamin C because of the pharmacologic doses acheived with IV administration. The main mechanisms are thought to be the oxidation of ascorbate into dehydroascorbic acid which itself is cytotoxic and through generation of hydrogen peroxide which forms reactive oxygen species intracellularly and extracellularly. 

What doses do you give for IV Vitamin C?

For anti-cancer effects we are often administering 25g to 125g which are doses that are impossible to acheive taking oral Vitamin C. 

FAQ Continued

How many IV Vitamin treatments do I need?

For Cancer, we usually recommend evaluating the effect of about 20 treatments, done twice weekly

Can I use IV Vitamin C if I am taking chemotherapy?

Although it depends on the chemotherapy, in general, IV Vitamin C can often be done if a patient is undergoing chemotherapy. In fact a wealth of data exists suggesting that IV Vitamin C can often ease the side effects of standard treatments and even improve efficacy.

Can I use IV Vitamin C instead of chemotherapy?

We generally do not recommend that patients use IV Vitamin C instead of standard treatment. Situations do arise however where patients do not pursue standard treatments or the expected benefit of standard care is low and in these scenarios it is often used, in conjunction with other natural cancer treatments. 

Are there side effects to IV Vitamin C? 

IV Vitamin C is extremely well tolerated. Some patients report feeling tired the day after very high dose treatments. The treatment itself is extremely concentrated which can promote fluid loss so patients are encouraged to increase liquid intake on days they receive IV Vitamin C for their cancer.