Thyroid testing and treatment in Edmonton

Thyroid Treatment



Dr. Muradov is knowledgable in thyroid health. 

Our Naturopath clinic offers Edmonton herbal, nutritional and natural options.

Symptoms of low thyroid function: 

Fatigue (most common) Dry Skin 
Weight Gain Constipation
Hair Loss  Poor Memory 
Cold Hands and Feet Low Libido
Menstrual issues Sleep Issues
Low Mood   Easy irritability

Comprehensive Thyroid Treatment

Often, we are running comprehensive Thyroid panels to address Thyroid concerns that may have been missed through conventional testing methods. 

Free T3, Free T4, TSH, Thyroid Antibodies, Ferritin and Cortisol and basal body temperatures are all used to assess Thyroid status.

Adrenal testing is always done alongside comprehensive Thyroid Testing. 

We often begin with Natural treatments (herbs and supplements) to balance hormone levels gently.

NOTE*: If needed, we may suggest stronger hormonal treatments such as bioidentical hormones and Dessicated Thyroid available through referrals to allied Health Professionals.  

Natural Thyroid Treatment in Edmonton

Natural Dessicated Thyroid 

In our experience, Dessicated Thyroid is often superior to Synthroid for the alleviation of Thyroid symptoms. 

Synthroid contains only T4, whereas Dessicated Thyroid Contains T4 and T3 (active hormone) which helps patients achieve thyroid hormone levels closer to their intended natural levels.

Natural Thyroid  Edmonton