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New Patient

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Initial consultation with Dr Muradov may take up to 60 min.

Dr. Muradov may use blood tests, food allergy testing, hormone testing and physical exam to aid in diagnosis and Naturopathic treatment.

At the end of your first visit Dr Muradov will provide your starting treatment plan often including various dietary, herbal and vitamin recommendations.

Follow up visits are usually scheduled anywhere from 1 - 3 months after the initial visit.

Initial 1 hour consultation is $245. 

Follow up visits are $145. 


How Can I Book an Appointment with Dr. Muradov?

Call our Naturopathic Clinic: (780) 757-8378

Our office is open evenings and Saturdays 

Our wait times are usually 1-2 weeks. 

West Edmonton Naturopath Clinic 

Please fill out new patient forms

Adult Intake Form
ancer Intake Form
MS Intake Form

You can also fill out these forms at the Clinic.

If you decide to fill out the forms in office, please come 20 minutes in advance of your appointment.  

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What to expect

Your first visit at our Naturopathic clinic may take up to one hour.

You'll have a detailed history taken, you may be sent for testing and will be given your starting treatment plan. 

Test costs are in-addition to consultation costs. 

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