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 Edmonton NaturopathI oversee TruMed Naturopath clinic.

We are dedicated to providing Edmonton the best naturopath and alternative medicine treatments.

Yours in health,

Dr. Eric Muradov ND
 Naturopathic Doctor


Special focus in IV therapy & Food Sensitivity Testing

Naturopath in Edmonton practicing since 2010

Conditions Treated

As a naturopath, he treats a wide range of concerns

Our focus: Digestive Concerns, FatigueHormone Concerns, Skin & Mood issues

Special interest in Thyroid, Cancer & MS

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What to expect

We often run hormone, thyroid and food sensitivity testing to find out where your concerns originate; then we'll give you a treatment plan using only the best available naturopath medicines. 

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Our Naturopath Clinic is located in West Edmonton. Connect with us anytime:

780-757-8378   | [email protected]

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Dr Muradov is at TruMed Naturopath Clinic
About Naturopath, Dr. Eric Muradov


Naturopath Edmonton Reviews

"Dr. Muradov was the first doctor that actually LISTENED to my complaints"

"When my doctor wouldn't listen, Dr.Muradov did"

"First doctor that was listening my health problems and finding reasons for them"

"I've been doing vitamin and magnesium IV's and I feel great!

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Best Naturopath Services

Hormone Testing - Salivary, Blood and Urinary Hormone testing and effective naturopath treatments.


Food Sensitivity Testing - We offer Edmonton massive panels to pin-point which foods you shouldn't be eating.

Thyroid Testing - Our naturopaths offer in-depth thyroid testing not available in Edmonton through Alberta health.


Nutritional Testing - We have nutrient panels testing vitamins, minerals, amino acids and heavy metals.


Top Naturopath Treatments

Precise Herbal Medicine - High quality standardized herbal extracts are used at our Naturopath clinic.

Functional Medicine Therapies - Dr Muradov uses modern, evidence based nutritional treatments.

Precise Dietary Augmentation - We often use specific tests at our clinic, to determine the best diets for our patients.

IV Therapy - Dr Muradov offers advanced naturopath IV therapies such as NAD and Glutathione.


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Edmonton Naturopath FAQ

What Training do Naturopaths have? - Naturopathic Doctors in Edmonton have 7- 8 years of post secondary education.

How much do Naturopath visits cost? - Initial consult with our Naturopathic Doctors is $245, follow ups are $145.

Do Naturopathic Doctors prescribe? - Naturopaths in Edmonton don't have prescriptive authority.

Do Naturopath doctors do IV Therapy? - Of course we do. TruMed offers Edmonton a huge array of IV Treatments.


What conditions can Naturopaths treat? - We treat lots of hormone, digestive, skin & mood issues in Edmonton


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Why see a Naturopath?

Testing: As a Naturopath, Dr. Muradov uses testing techniques such as thyroid, hormone and allergy testing.

Find the cause: Naturopaths look for the causes of your concerns, rather than just addressing symptoms

Integrative Approach: Dr Muradov uses both naturopath and functional medicines to provide best possible care.

"Outside the Box" thinking: Naturopathic doctors are trained to think differently than your medical doctor.

Conditions Naturopaths Treat

Digestive Concerns: As Naturopaths we commonly deal with IBS, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, SIBO & Candida

Fatigue: Our Naturopath Clinic does Thyroid, Adrenal, Nutrient, Infectious and Toxic Testing to figure out why you're tired

Skin Concerns: Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Hives & Rashes are commonly seen & treated with Naturopath medicines

Mood & Mental Health: Our Naturopath doctors are experienced with anxiety, depression & other mental health issues


Hormone Concerns: TruMed offers in-depth hormone testing & natural treatment for male & female hormone issues


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Top Naturopath Principles

Naturopathic Doctors have distinct guiding principles with regards to patient care


Treat the cause: As Naturopaths we commonly always attempt to find and treat the cause of your concerns


The Healing Power of Nature: Naturopaths believe the body has ite wisdom to heal if you give it the right tools it needs


Treat the whole person: As Naturopathic Doctors we always consider the whole person: body, mind, spirit and more


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Edmonton Naturopath Facts

Naturopathic Doctor training and rights vary from region to region


Naturopath Fact 1: Naturopaths in Edmonton have at least 7-8 years of post secondary education


Naturopath Fact 2: Naturopathic doctors will do physical exams, and run lab work to learn more about your health


Naturopath Fact 3: Naturopaths in Edmonton & Alberta do not prescribe, so treatments are often vitamins & herbs.


Naturopath Fact 4: Visits with your Naturopath are often 30-60 minutes versus 3-10 minutes with medical doctors


Most Popular IV treatments 

The Advanced Myers: Our Naturopaths have a custom Myers Cocktail IV for energy, mood and immunity


IV NAD: Intravenous NAD+ is our Naturopathic Doctors secret weapon for chronic fatigue


IV Vitamin C: A classic treatment our Naturopathic Doctors use for energy, immunity and cancer.

IV Glutathione: The master anti-oxidant our Naturopaths use for detox, cosmetics, inflammation & longevity


More about Dr Muradov

Experience: Dr Muradov has been a Naturopath in Edmonton since 2010 & has treated over five thousand unique patients


Precision: Dr Muradov always relies on modern functional naturopathic testing to provide answers to your health concerns


Expertise: As a Naturopath Dr. Muradov is knowledgeable in hormone & digestive health, MS, Cancer and many other areas


Evidence Based: Dr Muradov always uses evidence based Naturopathic medicine as a foundation for his treatments


Functional medicine: Our clinic incorporates Functional medicine treatments as part of our Naturopathic approach



TruMed Naturopath Clinic

Three Naturopaths practice at TruMed

A top Naturopath Clinic in Edmonton

Dr.Muradov, Dr.Deol & Dr. Sumar

Our Naturopath Clinic is in West Edmonton

Our Naturopaths are accepting new patients


TruMed focuses on providing Edmonton top functional medicine testing & Naturopathic treatments



Our Naturopaths

All our Naturopaths can deal with hormones, skin, mood, fatigue & digestion for our Edmonton patients.


Dr Muradov additionally focuses on MS, Cancer and IV Therapy as part of his Edmonton Naturopathic practice.


Dr Deol also has an interest in Naturopathic Fertility & Pediatrics in addition to IV Therapy.


Dr Sumar uses Electrodermal "VEGA" Testing & allergy in her Edmonton practice.   


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