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Naturopathic Clinic in Edmonton - Dr Muradov, Naturopath Edmonton 

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Dr. Muradov is a Naturopathic doctor.

We typically use herbs, vitamins and nutritional supplements and dietary changes as treatments.

We often see hormone concerns, women's health, fatigue, thyroid and adrenal issues, digestive problems & Cancer


Conditions commonly seen: 

For directions to our Naturopathic Clinic please see the map on our Contact Us page. 

Please visit our sister site: TruMed.ca

For cancer therapies: EICT.ca

West Edmonton Naturopath | Naturopath Edmonton Dr. Eric Muradov ND

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For new patients, Dr Muradov will often run new blood work, hormone testing or allergy testing to have current data for best results in a case. 

Dr. Muradov has advanced training in Intravenous Therapy & Integrative Cancer Care

Dr Muradov has a special interest in Food Allergies, MS and Cancer.

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West Edmonton Naturopath - Dr Eric Muradov