Food allergy & Food Sensitivity testing in Edmonton and area 

We proudly offer Edmonton comprehensive food allergy testing with full clinical support 


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We can test for reactivity to 50, 100 or 200 foods 

Food Allergy Testing

Our naturopathic clinic has a special focus in Food Allergy & Sensitivity and we offer comprehensive panels to detect if you’re allergic or sensitive to hundreds of foods.

Testing samples collected at the clinic are sent for analysis with results in just a few weeks.  

Your food allergy testing appointment includes:

- A ½ hr visit with a Naturopath prior to testing. 
- A brief follow up visit to review the results

Your Naturopath at TruMed will help you choose if food allergy testing or food sensitivity testing is better for your case

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Click here to see our 50 food basic panel (our most cost effective panel!)   

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Click here to see our 200 food panel (our most comprehensive test!)   

Many of our patients are able to claim the costs of our sensitivity or allergy testing partially or fully through their benefit plans under testing or naturopathic care. 

Our food allergy & sensitivity testing involves measuring antibodies in the blood released in response to foods you are eating.

Food allergies & Sensitivities associated with:

Gas & Bloating  Rashes / Hives 
Psoriasis, Eczema Sinusitis 
Constipation & Diarrhea  Migraines & Headaches 
ADHD Arthritis
Asthma & Bronchitis  Sinusitis 
Acne Frequent infections
Rheumatoid Arthritis  MS
Abdominal Pain & Reflux and many more

You have the option of booking an entire hour with one of our Naturopaths at TruMed combining Food Allergy or Sensitivity testing with a full 1 hour consultation to address non-allergy related concerns. 

This would allow appropriate time for testing other areas such as hormonal and thyroid function, and for naturopathic clinical recommendations for conditions not related to food allergies. 

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Food Allergy FAQ

Do I need to have a consultation? Or can I just get the testing done?

Your Food Allergy or Food sensitivity test includes a brief consultation with one of our Naturopaths before testing and another brief consultation one month later to review test results.

What's the difference between Food Allergy Testing and Food sensitivity testing?

The difference lies in what the test is measuring. For Allergy testing your Naturopath at TruMed will test for a combined IgG4/IgE antibodies or seperate IgG4 & IgE antibody test.

For Food Sensitivity Testing, we tend to do a Total IgG (subsets 1-4) test.

How do I decide whether I need Food Sensitivity Testing or Food Allergy Testing?

Don't sweat it! Your TruMed Naturopath will help you decide on the best test for your particular situation as well as the right amount of foods to test. Our clinic offers Edmonton 3 separate testing methodologies.

Does insurance cover the cost of testing?

That of course depends on your particular insurance benefit plan but we've seen many patients over the years get partial and sometimes full coverage for their allergy & sensitivity tests - typically under "naturopath" or "testing" or both. TruMed Naturopath clinic also offers Edmonton direct billing so many of our patients leave the clinic paying nothing!

What sort of benefits do patients get from testing?

Luckily, our Naturopaths have run thousands of sensitivity and allergy tests in the Edmonton area. We've seen many patients benefit with regards to: digestion (IBS, Gas & Bloating), breathing (Asthma, Sinusitis, Cough), skin issues (rashes, eczema, psoriasis) and often times we've seen energy increase and weight decrease once patients are put on a diet based off their food allergy or sensitivity test results.

Do I need a retest soon?
How often is food allergy or sensitivity testing done?

For most of our patients our Naturopaths don't recommend re-doing allergy or sensitivity testing more often than every 5 years.

Where is the allergy or sensitivity testing done?

It depends on which test your Naturopath runs. Food Allergy Testing is sent to Washington state or Vancouver for analysis. Whereas most of our Food Sensitivity Testing is sent to Calgary for analysis

How long does it take to get the test results?

It depends on which test is run. On average we have to wait 2-4 weeks for final test results.