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Dr Muradov - Naturopath in Edmonton

New Patient

Edmonton Naturopath

Initial consultation with Dr Muradov may take up to 60 min.

As a Naturopath, Dr. Muradov may use blood tests, food allergy testing, hormone testing and physical exam to aid in diagnosis and naturopathic treatment.

At the end of your first visit Dr Muradov will provide your starting treatment plan often including various dietary, herbal, vitamin and naturopathic recommendations.

IV Therapy is often used as a treatment option.

Follow up visits are usually scheduled anywhere from 1 - 3 months after the initial visit.

Initial naturopathic consultation is $245
Follow up visits are $145
IV therapy is $150 on average

See our naturopath FAQ section.

How Can I Book an Appointment?

Call TruMed Naturopath Clinic: (780) 757-8378

Our clinic is open Monday through Friday

Our wait times are usually 1-2 weeks. 

Our visits can usually be claimed through insurance plans under "Naturopath" and many plans are starting to cover a large portion of medical testing fees!

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Please fill out new patient forms

Adult Naturopath Intake Form
ancer Intake Form
MS Intake Form

You can also fill out these forms at the clinic.

If you decide to fill out the forms at the clinic, please come 20 minutes in advance of your appointment.

Bring your Alberta Health Care number. 

Naturopath Edmonton West  

About TruMed Clinic 

TruMed Naturopath Clinic is located in West Edmonton. 

TruMed has three Naturopath Doctors on staff. Let reception know what health concern you are booking for because one of the other Naturopaths might be a better fit for you than Dr Muradov. 

Currently, TruMed is located in a character home on Stony Plain Road and 146th street in Edmonton. 

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What to Expect

When you visit a Naturopath, expect an experience extremely different from anything you've experienced with a medical doctor.

Expect different.

In your first visit, your Naturopath at TruMed will take a detailed history discussing current and past medical issues. We also want to know about any previous visits to Naturopaths in Edmonton or other alternative treatments taken. 

We usually go into depth about your diet and current supplements and medications. 

We can usually get hold of previous blood work that has been done in the Edmonton area and review it in detail - often times we find issues in previous lab work that's been overlooked.


Our Naturopaths will definitely send you for testing: hormone, thyroid, adrenal & nutrient testing is often used. Various hormone testing methodologies are used by our Naturopathic Doctors: blood, urine and saliva testing is utilized. 

Our testing is what sets us apart. Precise testing allows our Naturopaths to make specific recommendations that are unique to you.  

Our Naturopaths also use a ton of Food Allergy & Food Sensitivity Testing



You will typically be started on some treatments even on the first visit. Our Naturopaths use a lot of vitamins and supplements to get our Edmonton patients better!  

You may be recommended IV Therapy. Our Naturopaths specialize in IV Therapy in Edmonton. We do a ton of IVs. IV Therapy lets us get specific nutrients right into the blood with 100% absorption. 

In your follow up visit your Naturopath will review all the lab work we ran and put together an individualized treatment protocol for you using the best Naturopath medicines available usually dietary changes, supplements, nutrients and even IV Therapy!