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Treatments Naturopaths Use - TruMed Clinic Edmonton

 TruMed Naturopath Clinic in Edmonton

We are proud to provide Edmonton the best available naturopath and alternative medicine treatments.

We have three Naturopaths at our Clinic that offer Edmonton a range of natural treatments and services.

Naturopathic Doctors are trained to offer a wide array of treatments, everything from psychological counselling, to traditional chinese medicine to homeopathy.

However, Dr Muradov's Naturopathic treatments typically fall into three categories: Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine & IV Therapy which tend to have a much stronger foundation of evidence supporting their use

TruMed's associate Naturopathic Doctors - Dr Deol & Dr Sumar also include acupuncture, homeopathy and traditional chinese medicine as part of their naturopath practices - Dr Muradov may refer you to them for these services.

Nutritional Medicine

As a naturopath, Dr Muradov's practice is heavily rooted in Nutritional Medicine - which is based on dietary modifications and the administration of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other endogenously occuring substances).

First, our Naturopaths are able to do precise dietary modifications at our clinic because we use three seperate types of food testing - IgG4, Total IgG and IgE testing to allow us to make extremely individualized recommendations.

Dr Muradov heavily relies upon the use of nutrient supplementation to help his patients which is in essence Orthomolecular medicine - providing the optimum nutritional environment for celullar function.

Furthermore some nutrients have pharmacologic actions in particular doses that exceeds their normal roles in the body. For instance, although Vitamin C is considered an immune booster in low doses, as the dose increases, Vitamin C has a separate anti-viral effect.

By using Nutritional Medicine treatments, it allows your TruMed Naturopath to practice effective Modern Functional Medicine

Dr Muradov heavily uses Nutritional Medicine at our Naturopath Clinic because results can be superb and the evidence base (supporting studies) is vast.

Resources for Nutritional Medicine


Herbal Medicine

Dr Muradov uses herbal medicine as part of his Naturopathic practice because they are:

1) Effective
2) Safe
3) Well Researced

Efficacy: Herbal Medicine can be extremely efficacious in a number of areas. Many Naturopaths use herbal treatments. At our clinic our Naturopaths use herbs for mood (depression & anxiety), sleep, stress, energy, heart health, infections, endocrinology, pain and cancer.

Safety: Herbal medicines are typically extremely safe treatment even at high doses. Adverse effects are rarely reported in clinical trials for many common botanicals. Your Naturopathic Doctors at TruMed are trained to anticipate if there will be interactions between your current medications and any suggested herbal interventions. 

Research: Many Botanical medicines our Naturopaths use have clinical trials to support their use. For example, at the clinic we often recommend Rhodiola Rosea for stress and mood which has two clinical trials (2007 and 2009) demonstrating benefit in stress and anti-depressant effects for mood. Many of the Botanicals we use at TruMed are evidence based, however, occasionally a Botanical may be recommended by your Naturopath based on its historical uses (because sometimes you gotta be old school!) 

Resources for Botanical Medicine


IV Therapy

Naturopathic Doctors at TruMed love IV Therapy. Because frankly, it's the best.

Dr Muradov actually received his IV Therapy certification as a Naturopathic student and was able to start recommending IV Treatments even then, and he has stayed current with IV Therapy attending many advanced Naturopathic IV Therapy seminars.

IV Therapy is: accurate, effective and safe and can gets results extremely quickly. 

Accurate: Our Naturopaths can deliver precise doses of key nutrients directly into the blood with guaranteed 100% absorption which is not the case with oral supplements.

Effective: Nutrients delivered by IV route can often get our patients excellent effects where oral supplementation was ineffective especially for energy or mood.  

Safe: Although invasive, IV therapy is extremely safe when proper doses and administation rates are used with very low rates of adverse effects. Your TruMed Naturopaths have administered thousands of IVs will an extremely small incidence of adverse effects over a 9 year period.

Rapid effect: IV Therapy can often provide a profound effect for many conditions within 24 hours especially for energy & mood (two most common reasons we administer IV treatments). 

More about IV Therapy.



Other Naturopath Treatments

Our Naturopaths also work with:

Nutraceuticals & Natural Supplements: Dr.Muradov makes heavy use of these as treatments as part of his Naturopathic care because standardization allows precise dosing and there is usually robust published evidence supporting their use.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Acupuncture: Symptom pictures are used to guide herbal treatment & acupuncture. Although all the Naturopaths at TruMed are trained in TCM Dr.Muradov no longer uses TCM as part of his Naturopathic protocols. If you need TCM you might be referred to another Naturopath at TruMed.

Homeopathy: Energetic remedies are matched to your constitution & symptoms and can be effective if precisely prescribes. Although all the Naturopaths at TruMed are trained in Homeopathy, Dr.Muradov does not use Homeopathy as part of his Naturopathic practice.If you need homeopathy you might be referred to another Naturopath at TruMed.


Other Naturopath Services

Hormone Testing - Our Naturopaths have substantial experience using Saliva, Blood and Urinary Hormone testing for hormone balancing & fatigue treatment.


Food Sensitivity Testing - Since 2010 we've been offering Edmonton various Food Testing panels with full Naturopathic support to make sure you understand your test results.

Thyroid Testing - Our naturopaths work with advanced Thyroid test panel including Reverse T3 - not available through Alberta health.


Nutritional Testing - Our Naturopathic Doctors work with various Nutrient tests to uncover deficiencies and toxicities - We can test for Vitamins, Minerals & Amino acids.


Hormones & Off Label Meds 

Sometimes our patients need bioidentical hormones or an off label medication. Although Naturopathic Doctors in Alberta don't prescribe, the Naturopaths at TruMed have close relationships with prescribing professionals to refer our patients to when things like a hormone treatment like desiccated thyroid or LDN is needed.
Our Naturopathic doctors are trained and knowledgeble in pharmacology and off-label medications.


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