What Conditions Do Naturopaths Treat

Conditions Naturopaths Treat - TruMed Edmonton

Concerns Dr Muradov Treats

Our Naturopath treats the following conditions: 

Fatigue / Tiredness
(the most common condition seen)
Skin Conditions
(acne, eczema, etc)
Women's Health
(menopause,PMS, PCOS)
Digestive Disorders
(gas, bloating, pain)
Hormone imbalances Food Allergy Anxiety & Depression Multiple Sclerosis
Cancer Adrenal Concerns Thyroid Concerns
Headaches & Migraines IBD (Crohn's & UC) Men's Health Autoimmune conditions
Allergies & Asthma Insomnia And many more

Our Naturopath Treatments

Clinic Treatments: Vitamins, herbs, naturopathic supplements & holistic nutrition
Other therapies used: Food Sensitivity Testing, Hormone TestingThyroid Testing
IV Therapy Dr Muradov has a special interest in treatment using IV Therapy

Learn more about all of the common treatments our Naturopaths use at TruMed 

Why visit a Naturopath?

About Naturopaths Doctors               

Why see a Naturopath? If you are looking for personalized medicine, that's effective with a low incidence of side effects using non-toxic natural therapies from a highly trained medical professional, then Naturopath medicine is for you.

There is a profound amount of data regarding the effectiveness of the administration of nutrients for a wide range of health concerns. When Naturopathic treatments are properly prescribed they have a very low incidence of side effects.

Naturopath medicine is highly individualized - at our clinic almost all of our treatments are based off of your test results. We use hormone, thyroid, nutrient and allergy testing to guide our treatments. 

What conditions do Naturopaths treat? Naturopathic doctors can treat a very large range of health conditions effectively. Naturopathic medicine can help with everything from Allergies, to Fertility, Pediatrics and Cancer.

Dr Muradov chose to direct his Naturopathic practice on the following areas:

Fatigue - Thyroid, Adrenal & Nutritional deficiencies are often considered.

Hormonal Imbalances - We offer cutting edge hormone testing for our Edmonton patients.

Digestion - We see numerous digestive concerns from gas & constipation to Crohn's & Colitis.

Skin Issues - Dr Muradov commonly treats acne, eczema & psoriasis

Mood Concerns - Anxiety & Depression are commonly seen and treated. 

If you don't see your particular health concern, feel free to contact our clinic TruMed.
Dr Muradov works with two other Naturopaths that might be able to help.

Special Interests

Dr Muradov has a special interest in MS & Cancer 

Dr Muradov has had MS since approximately 2006 and as such, has a special interest in the Alternative & Naturopathic management of this disorder.

We help patients at any stage of their MS journey, and can help with all forms of the disease.

Dr Muradov also keeps current with modern approaches to Alternative Cancer care.  Our clinic also focuses on IV Therapy and offer a number of IV treatments that can be helpful for cancer care.  

We are able to provide care and Naturopathic Cancer advice to patients that are on standard treatments as well as those that are not currently using standard care.

For patients undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation we can lessen side effects and often improve efficacy of various therapies.

Visit our MS page & Cancer page

Our IV Therapy Page

For more information on the Naturopaths Dr Muradov works with visit TruMed.ca


What can a Naturopath help with?

 We get questions all the time about specific conditions.

We thought we'd discuss how we as Naturopaths approach some specific concerns we see commonly at the clinic.

Can a Naturopath help with Acne?
Our Naturopaths work with Acne all the time. First, diet is key. We've seen lots of cases where foods contribute. So dietary changes or food allergy testing might be used by your Naturopath. Secondly, hormone testing is frequently used - we often use "DUTCH" urinary testing which is really helpful for looking at female hormones as well as male hormones and their acne causing metabolites. 

Can a Naturopath help with Anxiety or Depression? 
Heck ya we can! Dr. Muradov's Naturopathic practice focuses on hormones so first we usually screen patients for hormonal abnormalities that might be causing mood issues.  Our Naturopaths see a lot of mood issues related to low male hormones in both men and women. Then we investigate nutritional causes of fatigue before transitioning to neurotransmitter analysis. We have numerous Naturopathic herbal and supplementary options for mood balancing while we do our workups. IV Therapy can work dramatically in some patients for improving mood and energy. 

Can a Naturopath help with Fatigue?
Fatigue is the #1 concern that our Naturopaths see. Dr Muradov has extensive experience treating fatigue.  Our Naturopaths always start with a hormone workup focusing on adrenal, thyroid and male hormones and basic nutrients (B12, Iron and Iodine).  This approach works for about 75% of our patients at our Edmonton office before we transition to IV therapy or investigate mitochondrial or infectious or toxic causes of fatigue. 

Can a Naturopath help with IBS?
Most definitely. IBS is definitely the second most common conditions our Naturopaths treat at our Edmonton office. Food Sensitivity & Allergy testing is a mainstay of our digestive IBS treatments. Probiotics and Enzymes are often recommended by our Naturopaths after SIBO (bacterial overgrowth) or CDSA (comprehensive stool analysis) testing is used to understand your ability to digest and microbiome balance.  

Can a Naturopath help with weight loss?
We are not a weight loss clinic but our Naturopaths look at impeding factors to effective weight loss. Our approach is always to do hormone testing to ensure that the main fat burning hormones (Cortisol, Thyroid, DHEA, Testosterone, Insulin) are optimized so that good dietary changes (which we can help with) and exercise can actually work!