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About Dr Muradov - Naturopath Edmonton West at TruMed Clinic

Edmonton Naturopath


Dr. Muradov is a Naturopath in West Edmonton.

He typically uses herbs, vitamins, naturopathic supplements, IV Therapy and diet changes.

We often see hormone concerns, women's health, fatigue, thyroid and adrenal issues, digestive problems & Cancer.

Dr Muradov's clinic focuses on advanced testing: We run comprehensive hormonal, adrenal, thyroid, nutritional and food sensitivity testing. 

Dr Muradov started practicing as a Naturopath in Edmonton in 2010. Over time he expanded his practice to focus on hormonal health, digestion and IV Therapy and Cancer.

In 2016 Dr Muradov opened TruMed Naturopath Clinic in West Edmonton which has become a leader for IV Therapy in Edmonton.


Conditions We See

Conditions commonly seen:

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West Edmonton Naturopath | Dr. Eric Muradov ND

More about us

Dr Muradov will often run thyroid testing, hormone testing or food allergy testing to have current data for best results in a case. 

Dr. Muradov has advanced training in Intravenous TherapyIntegrative Cancer Care

Our Clinic has a special interest in Food Sensitivity, and Naturopathic approaches to MS and Cancer.

Dr Muradov practices with two other Naturopaths at TruMed Naturopath Clinic in West Edmonton.

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West Edmonton Naturopath - Dr Eric Muradov


Questions about Naturopaths

What is Naturopath Medicine? Naturopath Medicine is a distinct form of medicine that blends modern scientific medical information with traditional medicines such as herbs and vitamins. For instance, Dr Muradov may use lab testing to determine the causes of your particular issues and then will recommend an herb that has efficacy based on a study.


What can a Naturopath do for you? Naturopaths take a whole person approach to your care and understand underlying processes that may be hindering your health. For instance, at our Edmonton clinic, our Naturopath Dr Muradov often runs comprehensive hormonal and nutritional testing to have a deeper understanding on your health.


What are the advantages of Naturopath medicine? Dr. Muradov feels that there are many advantages to Naturopath care, however, the two of the biggest advantages are probably personalized medicine that often looks for the causes of concerns and a low incidence of side effects with many naturopath therapies.


What are the disadvantages of Naturopath medicine? Unfortunately, Naturopath medicine can be costly. Patients often have significant out of pocket costs for testing, consultations and treatments.


What things can you treat? Naturopath medicine is effective for a large range of concerns. Our clinic focuses on digestion, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, mood, MS and Cancer. We also have a special interest in IV Therapy and Food Sensitivity Testing. For more information on the things we treat, see the Conditions Treated Page.

For more information about Naturopaths please visit the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors

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The Naturopath Principles 

Vis Medicatrix Naturae (healing power of nature) - Naturopathic Doctors believe the body has an inherent capacity to heal itself if given the right tools. Our Naturopathic doctors supply you with the nutrients, bio-chemical intermediates and dietary changes your body needs to heal itself and restore proper function.

First do no harm - Naturopaths use gentle, non-toxic, naturally derived treatments that work with the body to minimize chances of harm to our patients. Our Naturopaths at TruMed use carefully measured, well known natural substances to treat our patients and we are well aware of drug-nutrient interactions and nutrient-nutrient interactions to keep our patients safe.


Identify and treat the cause - Naturopathic doctors spend a substantial amount of time with our patients and run deep laboratory investigations to identify the causes of your concerns. This is where there is considerable overlap between functional medicine and naturopathic principles. This is why the Naturopaths at TruMed are extremely testing heavy - we go to great lengths to figure out where health concerns originate in our Edmonton patients.


Treat the whole person - Naturopaths consider our patients in their entirety - body, mind, spirit - we commonly consider diet, allergy, hormonal function, thyroid and adrenal function, nutrient status, digestive function, sleep, stress, social situations and many other areas in all of our standard evaluations. Naturopathic doctors take the time to understand all related areas in the context of your health.


Doctor as Teacher & Prevention - Naturopathic doctors teach their patients on the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine.


For more insight on the Naturopathic medicine and principles please visit: Naturopathy and the Primary Care Practice