Naturopathic Cancer & MS Care in Edmonton

Naturopath Cancer Care

Dr Muradov has a special focus in Cancer

Our Edmonton Naturopathic clinic supports cancer patients:

 During Chemotherapy and Radiation  After standard treatments have ended

During chemotherapy and radiation we aim to improve your treatments while lessening side effects

Our clinic has a special interest in Intravenous Vitamin Treatments & IV therapy

Dr Muradov will discuss which IV therapies can be used in your Cancer.  

IV vitamin C, IV Alpha Lipoic Acid, IV Curcumin and Mistletoe Injections are all options.  

We may suggest Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)* and other off-label medications like Metformin*

*Dr Muradov does not prescribe these therapies directly, but our Naturopathic Doctors make these "off-label" alternative cancer treatment medications available through referrals to collaborative prescribers.

Naturopathic MS Care

 Dr. Muradov has a high level of expertise in Alternative Multiple Sclerosis (MS) care. 
Dr. Muradov has been seeing MS patients in his Edmonton Naturopath practice since 2010.

Our Naturopaths assess and consider numerous areas:
Infectious Triggers: EBV, HHV-6, Candida, Chlamydia Pneumoniae, Borrelia (viral, fungal, bacterial)
Toxicants: Heavy metals, Mold & Organic Solvent Toxicity
Inflammation: oral, IV and pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory strategies such as IV Glutathione 
Dietary augmentation: Food Allergy Testing, Swank, Anti-Fungal, Low Lectin & Ketogenic diets
Neuroprotective strategies: Mitochondrial & Neuronal support to prevent neurodegeneration
Symptom relief: Symptomatic support through natural and hormonal interventions (energy, mobility, pain)

Our Naturopaths assess each person on a case by case basis to understand where support is needed. 

For many of our Edmonton patients we start with Food sensitivity testing & Gut Healing. 
Microbiome assessment can also be helpful (stool PCR & bacterial/yeast cultures). In some patients, ingestion of offending foods can exacerbate symptoms and add to on-going inflammation. Foods can also be problematic because of their lectin content, effects on zonulin or molecular mimicry. For these reasons gluten and dairy are commonly removed by our Naturopaths from the diet of our Edmonton MS patients. 

Many of our MS patients are immediately tested for on-going Viral infections as immunologic triggers. If a current Viral infection is found an oral anti-viral protocol will be initiated. Antivirals commonly used by Naturopaths include: Olive Leaf Extract, Lysine, Vitamin C and Lauricidin. Epstein Bar and Human Herpes Virus 6 are common viral infections among MS patients.

Other considerations: Our Naturopaths have found basic areas such as fatty acid status and vitamin D can be helpful in early MS. Genetic testing can be helpful for understanding glutathione (GST), methylation and Vitamin D polymorphisms. IV Vitamins and Glutathione can be helpful for MS symptom and relapse management. Our Naturopaths are starting to work with IV NAD in our MS patients to assess effects on symptoms.

Advanced Cancer Therapies

Advanced IV Cancer Therapies

 IV Therapy treatments are some of the strongest Alternative Cancer Treatments available. Our Naturopathic Clinic focuses on IV Therapy in Edmonton. Our Naturopaths have administered thousands of infusions in Edmonton since 2010. 

- IV Vitamin C "IVC" - High Dose Vitamin C infusions are a classic alternative cancer treatment used primarily by Naturopathic doctors. IV Vitamin C takes advantage of low levels of an enzyme called Catalase in Cancer cells that makes them unable to deal with hydroxyl radicals generated from the IV Vitamin C. Human data exists for breast, ovarian, liver, pancreatic, bladder and kidney cancer so our Naturopathic doctors tend to recommend it more often in these Cancers. 

- IV Alpha Lipoic Acid "ALA" - Lipoic Acid drips are a metabolic cancer therapy. Lipoic acid acts as a pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase inhibitor and can shut down aerobic glycolysis and also encourage standard mitochondrial aerobic respiration.

- IV Curcumin - Intravenous Curcumin is a relatively new Cancer treatment. Turmeric from which Curcumin is derived has mounds of data on its benefits in various Cancers however it is poorly absorbed. IV Curcumin allows us to bypass this issue and provide high blood quantities. Curcumin Infusions are compatible with other anti-oxidant or metabolic Cancer treatments so it can be "stacked" with treatments like IV Quercetin and IV Alpha Lipoic Acid.