Naturopath with Focus on IBS & Digestion in Edmonton  

Dr Muradov also focuses on Digestion

IBS, Gas & Bloating, Diarrhea, Constipation, Loose Stools, Candida, SIBO, Abdominal Pain & Reflux are commonly seen at our Naturopath Clinic. 

Dr Muradov is also experienced with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn's & Ulcerative Colitis).

Often times our Naturopaths begin with food allergy testing.

We find many of our Edmonton patients improve considerably once problematic foods are identified and removed.

We also perform Stool Cultures, Yeast Testing, Comprehensive Stool Analysis and SIBO testing on an as needed basis

We also use numerous professional probiotic and enzyme preparations. 

Food Allergy Testing

Our Naturopaths often start with Food Allergy or Food Sensitivity Testing.


We find testing helps the majority of our patients experiencing digestive concerns.


Often times it's just a few foods causing numerous issues.

Testing allows our Naturopaths to make individualized dietary recommendations for our Edmonton patients. 

We've seen food intolerances associated with numerous IBS symptoms such as Gas, Bloating, Abdominal pain, Diarrhea & Constipation. 

Our Naturopath clinic offers 3 separate food tests: IgG4/IgE Food Allergy Testing, Full IgG Food Sensitivity Testing and isolated IgE Food Allergy testing & we are able to test between 30 and 200 Foods depening on the test chosen. 


Your TruMed Naturopath will help you choose the best testing for your case. 

Food allergy test SAMPLE REPORT (100 food panel)

Digestive Analysis


For more complex IBS & Digestion cases our clinic offers:


Comprehensive Digestive Analysis testing which allows our Naturopaths to look at numerous digestive parameters and analyze the gut microbiome including:

Beneficial bacteria & Dysbiotic (Pathogenic) bacteria - These tests include bacterial cultures that allows our Naturopathic Doctors to quantitatively measure "good bacteria" as well as "bad bacteria." Many times our Naturopaths have seen insufficient growth of particular beneficial bacterial strains or overgrowths of pathogenic strains causing an array of IBS symptoms. The sensitivity portion of the test is an amazing benefit as we can find out precisely the natural or antibiotic agents needed to kill pathogenic bacteria causing your digestive symptoms. The bacterial culture allows us to find H2S Sibo in our patients as well.  


Beneficial & Dysbiotic (Pathogenic) yeast & parasites - These tests also include yeast cultures that lets our Naturopaths to quantitatively measure "good yeast" as well as "bad yeast." Many times our Naturopaths have seen excessive growth of yeast strains such as Candida Albicans causing an array of IBS & Digestive symptoms. As with bacteria, the sensitivity portion of the test allows us to find the natural or antifungal agents needed to kill pathogenic yeast causing your digestive symptoms. Testing usually includes yeast microscopy which is excellent for detecting yeast higher up in the digestive tract.  

Digestive ability - Digestive analysis testing allows our Naturopaths to see if your stool contains excessive vegetable, meat, fat or carbohydrate levels. This lets us know if there is insufficient stomach acid, liver or pancreatic function and if your digestion would benefit from particular enzyme or acid preparations. 

Inflammatory parameters - Our testing shows if there is evidence of inflammation (lysozyme, calprotectin, lactoferrin, white blood cells etc) - if there is suspicion of inflammatory bowel disease or to track IBD in our patients. 

Our clinic usually offers two Comprehensive Digestive Analysis tests: Doctor's Data CDSA & Genova GI Effects


SIBO Testing

Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth - is a common cause of IBS and IBS type symptoms. Our Naturopaths have a lot of experience assessing and treating SIBO as a cause of IBS, Gas, Bloating, Diarrhea and Constipation.

SIBO is usually diagnosed via breath test looking for substantial production of hydrogen or methane gas (hydrogenic or methagenic SIBO). Hydrogen sulfide SIBO "H2S" can be diagnosed through clinical history or stool culture. 

Treating SIBO can be done herbally or with antibiotics. Our Naturopaths have a preference for herbal treatments (berberine, oregano or allicin) as the SIBO relapse rate is lower with herbal treatments. If needed, your TruMed naturopath will refer you for antibiotic treatments (Rifaximin or Flagyl or Neomycin).


SIBO treatment is usually combined with a BioFilm agent and Prokinetic agent for better kills and reducing relapse risk respectively. 


Our SIBO diagnosis is usually done with Genova Diagnostics SIBO Test as a three hour breath test.

SIBO associated with:

Gas & Bloating  Interstitial Cystitis 
IBS Autoimmunity 
Constipation & Diarrhea  Eczema
Anemia (Iron & B12) Rosacea
Intestinal Permeability Acne
Hypothyroidism NAFLD (fatty liver)
Abdominal Pain  and many more!