Adrenal testing and treatment in Edmonton

Adrenal Treatment



Dr. Muradov is experienced treating adrenal fatigue in his Naturopathic practice. 

Our Naturopath clinic proudly offers Edmonton Urinary & Salivary Adrenal testing

Symptoms of low adrenal function:  

Fatigue/Low Energy Low Blood Pressure
Difficulty waking up Salt Cravings
Mid-day dip in energy Poor Focus
Poor tolerance of stress Low Mood 
Thyroid Issues Fatigue from exercise 
Salt Cravings  Feeling "Burned Out"

Our Naturopathic Doctors always screen our patients exhibiting fatigue for low adrenal function through Cortisol & DHEA testing. Adrenal function is always tested in hypothyroid patients as well.

Adrenal Fatigue Testing

Low Adrenal Function "Adrenal Fatigue" is often overlooked but is extremely common. 

Dr Muradov is extremely experienced with Adrenal Fatigue.

We usually begin by testing Salivary Cortisol and DHEA, and often test other hormones as well. 

Our naturopaths see a lot of hypoadrenalism or "adrenal fatigue" in our Edmonton patients. Hypoadrenalism is characterized by a failure of the adrenals to secrete sufficient amounts of adrenal products like Cortisol and DHEA to meet a person’s physiological needs. Many of our patients are surprised to see frequent low Cortisol levels in their results instead of high levels. This is a common cause of fatigue especially morning fatigue in adults.

What causes Adrenal Fatigue? - Stress is probably the most frequent cause. However, inflammation, Food Allergies, Infections, Thyroid dysfunction and Blood sugar issues are common culprits.  

Saliva testing is an accurate method for measuring cortisol because it’s simple and non-invasive, and patients can collect these samples multiple times at home. Salivary cortisol reflects the Free Cortisol at the tissue level (cortisol that escapes binding proteins, and enters the tissues). DUTCH Urinary Cortisol testing can also measure Free Cortisol and Cortisone (inactive) and Urinary Cortisol output reflects an average over a period of time since last urination, while saliva provides an instant assessment at the time it was collected (minutes). So a first morning Saliva Cortisol is actually indicative of morning Cortisol levels whereas a first morning urine sample indicates nighttime Cortisol (the urine accumulated overnight) and second morning urine is indicative of morning Cortisol levels (as it accumulated over the morning). 

Although DUTCH urinary Cortisol testing gives additional Cortisol metabolites, our Naturopathic Doctors usually elect for Saliva Cortisol testing because the costs are dramatically lower as well as highly clinically relevant.   

Blood saliva testing is available but not preferred by our Naturopaths as it can fluctuate wildly depending on occurences prior to testing. Blood Cortisol testing in blood provides an estimate of the adrenal capacity Cortisol production but does not give information on free Cortisol at tissue levels.

DHEA levels can also fall in the context of hypoadrenalism. As mentioned in the hormone testing section, DHEA is an amazing hormone affecting energy, memory, muscle mass, mood and libido and it has immunomodulatory functions as well. DHEA levels can easily be increased with supplementation. 

Cortisol levels should be highest in the morning and lowest at bedtime. Cortisol is involved in regulating the sleep wake cyclye. We often see insufficient night time Cortisol causing frequent waking and high bedtime Cortisol or Catecholamines causing difficulty falling asleep.

Cortisol is extremely important for Thyroid hormone entry into cells. As such, our Naturopathic Doctors always do Adrenal investigations in any of our hypothyroid patients


Adrenal Fatigue Treatment 

The basics of Adrenal Fatigue treatment involves getting adequate sleep and stress reduction. 

"Old school" adrenal treatment involves increasing Vitamin C and Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). B6 and Zinc also are recommended for Adrenal health and are often included in combination Adrenal products.

Dr. Muradov has always been an advocate of Adrenal glandulars for proper adrenal restoration. These are extracts of Adrenal Cortex and whole Adrenal gland to provide minute doses of Cortisol and other Adrenal co-factors to "top-off" your natural Cortisol production and allow for Adrenal gland rejuvenation. Patients are usually placed on an appropriate glandular product and then weaned over a period of time. Dr.Muradov usually chooses product strength based off of your Cortisol test results and then supplements for at least 3 months before considering tapering. The need for tapering usually presents itself as patients experience overstimulation, that is, the Adrenals themselves start to reactivate. 

Although this requires a referral, patients may be referred for Hydrocortisone for "bio-identical" Cortisol replacement. Typically doses less than 20mg are suggested to avoid Adrenal supression.

Thyroid Testing

Often, we are running comprehensive Thyroid testing at the same time as Adrenal testing. 

Subclinical or Sublaboratory Hypothyroidism is a common concern that often accompanies Adrenal issues. 

Free T3, Free T4, TSH, Thyroid Antibodies and basal body temperatures are all used to assess Thyroid status. 

We typically begin with gentle thyroid optimization with herbs and may refer for Dessicated Thyroid hormone in cases where additional Natural thyroid supplementation is needed provided by health care professionals we refer to.