Naturopath Edmonton Cancer Focus

Integrative Cancer Care

Although our clinic sees a wide range of conditions, we are proud to offer Edmonton advanced Naturopathic approaches to cancer therapy. At our clinic, Dr Muradov does the majority of our Alternative Cancer Care.

Our naturopath clinic supports patients:

Prior to biopsy or surgery  During Chemotherapy and Radiation  After standard treatments have ended

All naturopath Cancer Protocols are carefully researched to NOT interact adversely with standard therapies such as Chemotherapy and Radiation. 

Naturopathic treatments prescribed often target the cancer directly, improve immune function and lessen side effects of standard therapies and are a combination of oral and intravenous treatments.

Dr Muradov will discuss which IV Therapy that can be used in your case. IV vitamin C,  IV Curcumin and IV Alpha Lipoic Acid are IV therapy we work with commonly.  

TruMed Naturopath Clinic

Patients are welcome at any stage of their cancer journey to try Alterative treatments at our Edmonton Naturopath clinic with our 10 years of treatment experience

We can provide complementary and natural cancer treatment support alongside conventional treatments and we offer naturopathic treatments to prevent cancer recurrence.

Treatment recommendations are always evidence informed and we always try to use Alternative treatments with human data.

Metabolic Cancer Treatment 

Dr. Muradov focuses heavily on metabolic alternative cancer treatments at our Naturopathic clinic. 

Metabolic cancer care focuses on manipulating preferred energy pathways that tumors utilize due to the Warburg Effect. As normal cells do, cancer cells utilize glucose (an enormous amount of glucose) however most cancer types ferment that glucose into lactate instead of the standard mitochondrial aerobic respiration pathways utilizing oxygen to produce carbon dioxide. This process occurs even in the presence of oxygen, hence it is referred to as aerobic glycolysis. Because this is an inefficient process, cancer cells uptake abnormally large amounts of glucose to meet the ATP demands of the tumor.

Naturopathic metabolic approaches to cancer usually either block pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase or encourage standard mitochondrial aerobic respiration. Dr Muradov has seen the most impressive results in Alternative Cancer treatment when metabolic treatments are incorporated into his protocols. IV Alpha Lipoic Acid is one metabolic therapy that has published data and case reports in numerous cancer types which we have substantial experience with administering at our Edmonton Naturopathic clinic. Even if you never visit our clinic make sure the practitioner you are working with incorporates Metabolic cancer strategies into your treatment protocol.

The Ketogenic diet is extremely synergistic with metabolic cancer treatments. As explained above, there is a massive demand for glucose in Cancer cells and Ketogenic diets dramatically reduce glucose uptake into cancer cells. 

Oxidative Cancer Treatments

Naturopathic approaches to Cancer treatment usually will include oxidative cancer treatments that take advantage of the low levels of catalase enzyme make cancer cells vulnerable to oxidative treatments like high-dose vitamin C. Intravenous Vitamin C behaves dramatically differently to orally administered Vitamin C. At approximately the 20 gram dose mark, Vitamin C ceases to continue to act as an anti-oxidant and behaves in what we refer to as an oxidative agent.  Oxidative agents damages other cells in oxygen radical based reactions. 

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency is typically screened for prior to high dose IVC administration - it's a one time lab test your Naturopath at TruMed will have you do before we get into the true oxidative doses (25 grams and above). We screen all IVC patients at our Edmonton office for G6PD issues. Most patients receive around 1-1.5g/kg of body weight IV Vitamin C with supportive chloride based minerals for electrolyte balance. Although there is concern that IV Vitamin C can promote oxalic acid kidney stones in patients with normal renal function, High Dose IVC infusions of up to 1.5 g/kg body weight result in less than 0.5% conversion into oxalic acid. 

Human data exists for the use of IV Vitamin C in: Breast, Ovarian, Liver, Pancreatic, Kidney, Bladder, Lymphoma and Cervical Cancer so our Naturopathic Doctors tend to suggest it more often in these particular cancers. 

There is a massive amount of data regarding IV Vitamin C and Cancer that goes beyond the scope of this page however we thought we would include a summary paper that covers the concept of administering IV Vitamin C around chemotherapy. In 2018, a review was published regarding IV Vitamin C at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia over a 7-year period. 86 Cancer patients received doses of high dose Vitamin C infusions ranging from 50g to 150g. 32 patients received solely Vitamin C infusions as their Cancer treatment. 54 patients received IV Vitamin C in conjunction with chemotherapy (1837 doses of Vitamin C concurrently with drugs such as paclitaxel, carboplatin, sorafenib, irinotecan, and gemcitabine).  Patients, overall, reported improvements in fatigue, pain, and mood with Intravenous Vitamin C when done concurrently with chemotherapy. 

Dr. Muradov will help you decide whether IV Vitamin is the best choice in terms of Alternative Cancer care in your case along with doses and frequency of treatment. 

Advanced Cancer Treatment

Our open collaboration with other health care practitioners allows us to suggest use of alternative therapies such as:

LDN (low dose Naltrexone)

-  *Dr Muradov does not prescribe these alternative therapies directly, but we make them available through referral relationships with prescribers.

LDN has shown benefit in: Lung, Melanoma, Esophageal, Kidney, Lymphoma, Prostate, Pancreatic, Multiple Myeloma, Breast, Ovarian, Tongue, Bladder & Colon Cancers.   

Advanced Intravenous Therapies

TruMed clinic focuses on Intravenous Therapies in Edmonton. We've administered thousands of IV treatments for numerous conditions, as such, we have numerous IV Cancer Treatments other than High Dose IV Vitamin C infusions. 

IV Alpha Lipoic Acid - IV Lipoic Acid is a powerhouse metabolic cancer treatment that inhibits pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase to help shut down the Warburg Effect in cancer cells and help starve them while at the same time encouraging standard mitochondrial respiration.

IV Curcumin - the strong anti-oxidant from Turmeric can be given intravenously which affects cancer cells through various mechanisms but is notoriously poorly absorbed. We bypass this with IV administration. 

Mistletoe Injections - Mistletoe has a long track record for Alternative cancer treatment in Europe. Mistletoe is primarily recommended by our Naturopaths as an adjunctive Cancer treatment to be administered alongside Chemotherapy as an immune boosting agent. 

Our Naturopathic Approach

We use natural, non-toxic alternative cancer therapies and we work with diet, herbs, vitamins and various intravenous "IV therapy" to provide Edmonton a comprehensive approach to Alternative Cancer treatment. 

Our clinic often sees patients that have no further standard options available and offer various alternative cancer treatments to ensure the better possible quality of life and life extension.

Your first Cancer consultation at our Naturopath clinic will be with Dr.Muradov and it will be 60-90 minutes. Please bring any biopsy reports and recent scan reports with you.

You will discuss current and past standard and alternative treatments. Dr.Muradov will discuss evidence for Alternative treatments for your particular cancer type and start you on a preliminary treatment plan.